Yamaroku Shoyu

Soy sauce is used every day, but most people do not know what soy sauce is. In order to get you interested in soy sauce, Yamaroku offers a tour to visit "Natural Mash Warehouse", which is rarely seen. Admission fee is free. A reservation is not required. We welcome your sudden visit. If you are traveling to Shodo Island, please feel free to visit us.



Yamaroku Shoyu Co., Ltd.
1607, Ko, Yasuda, Shodosimacho, shozugun, Kagawa, 761-4411, Japan

http://yama-roku.net/yamaroku/access.html (Japanese only)


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 9:00-17:00
Closings None
Visitor capacity None
Time required for a tour None
Language Japanese only
Reservation No Required
Website http://yama-roku.net/yamaroku/ask.html (Japanese only)
Other conditions An interpreter must be arranged by the visitor.