Ozawa Shuzo

Since its founding in the 15th year of Genroku (1702), Sawanoi (Ozawa Shuzo's brand) has been a popular sake locally produced in Oku-tama, or the western part of today's Tokyo, over the last three centuries. Oku-tama, though it is part of Tokyo, is home to deep forest, valleys, and mountains. The birthplace of Sawanoi, a place known as Sawai, is known for its abundance of crystal streams. ("Sawai" in Japanese means "streams and fountains). The sake brand, Sawanoi, is named after this place, Sawai. Once known as the "deeper palace of Tokyo", the place's environment remains the same today. Past and present, Sawanoi has been produced in the nature of Oku-tama, and always will be.



Ozawa Shuzo Co., Ltd.
2-770, Sawai, Ome-shi, Tokyo 198-0172

<Traffic access>
By car - About 80 minutes' drive from the Hachioji interchange, Chuo Expressway; about 40 minutes' drive from the Ome Interchange, Ken-o Expressway
By train - 3 minutes' walk from Sawai station, JR Ome Line
Parking lots for passenger vehicles: Available (in and around the facility)
Parking fee for a passenger vehicle: Free
Parking lots for tourist buses: Available (for large and medium sizes) (in and around the facility)
Parking fee for tourist buses: Free


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours 10:00 - 17:00
Closings Monday (In the case of National holidays, closed on the next following day)
Visitor capacity 1 or more
Time required for a tour 45min
Language Japanese
English (guidance board, pamphlet)
Reservation Required
TEL: 0428-78-8210
FAX: 0428-78-8195
URL: http://www.sawanoi-sake.com/contact?gen=2
Other conditions Visits to the sake brewery are available four times a day, at 11am, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm)
A single visit takes about 45 minutes.
* Only the 2pm visit is available during the month of December. ** Only the 11am and 2pm visits are available during the month of January.
Each visit is available for up to 40 visitors. (For a group of 10 visitors or more, please consult us in advance).


Tel: 0428-78-8215