Message from the Chairman

JETRO has been working in wide-ranging fields to connect Japanese business to the world throughout its over 60-year history. Our focus has shifted as necessary in line with the times. However, our permanent mission has been to contribute to the development and competitiveness of Japan's economy. We do this by supporting companies and regional authorities seeking vitalization through global business.

The spread of COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the overseas business of Japanese companies in terms of the plunging world economy and restrictions on cross-border movement. In the meantime, an era in which innovation is solving social issues has come in earnest and new business models using digital technologies have been developed around the world. In line with these circumstances, JETRO is collaborating with domestic and overseas partners and rapidly digitalizing its services, such as building systems for online business matching and utilizing e-commerce, in order for as many companies as possible to proactively engage in overseas operations. We will continue our utmost efforts in developing more facilitating and active business exchange between Japan and other countries through digital transformation in various fields.

For Japan, which is facing drastic structural changes due to its aging society and declining population, along with the recovery of the world economy from the pandemic, the necessity of incorporating overseas vitality for Japan’s economic growth will increase going forward. JETRO’s role continues to include assisting not only large corporations but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and producers of agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products in entering overseas markets. Simultaneously, we have been supporting investment into frontier markets where population and income levels are increasing.

In addition, regional revitalization, especially vitalization of local economies, is a major issue for our country. While securing overseas sales channels for local companies and producers, JETRO is disseminating information on regional advantages and establishing innovation ecosystems by attracting foreign companies and human resources. Through these efforts, our offices established in all prefectures actively engage in bringing business opportunities with other countries into each local region in Japan.

Of course, we also remain dedicated to enhancing the quality of our collection and analysis of information and provision of insight regarding markets, economies and political environments across the globe. This has been a primary mission of JETRO since its establishment.

JETRO's strength also lies in its global network of more than 120 offices, including 49 in Japan and 76 in 55 other countries. Maximizing the capacity of this network, in and after the coronavirus pandemic, we are fully committed to being a reliable ally for business people and stakeholders as they contribute to the continued prosperity of Japan’s economy and society. Through this, we help to ensure that Japan remains a trusted economic partner worldwide.

Chairman & CEO
Nobuhiko Sasaki