Izunuma Farms (Izunuma Foods)

[Company profile]
Based on the concept of changing "agriculture" into "food culture", we began producing ham and sausages in addition to a restaurant business in 1988.
In 2000, we moved to our present location and added farm stands. This enabled us to create a consist system of agriculture, commerce and industry comprehensively related to the local community. Having rediscovered the worth of "people", "products" and "environment" within our area, we hope to create a new farming industry in the near future.
[Izunuma Ham]
This is made from pork brought up in Miyagi and seasoned to Japanese tastes in a slow-maturing process learned from a German master. This is a limited delicacy raised and produced completely under the watch of our staff.
[Date's Pure Red Pork]
This is pork from purebred "Shimofuri Red" which is native to Miyagi Prefecture and is registered as a trademark. It has been called "Red Pork" since the color of pig's fur is red. Its meat is soft, juicy and tasty without a strong smell. It includes a large amount of olein acid including fatty acid and has a low melting point. High levels of glutamine and inosinic acid, including amino, contribute to its excellent taste and nutritional value. As a commitment to quality, we personally sample all of our products.
We will introduce our vision and future plans like the establishment of a new farming industry and business strategy centered on regionality. Please feel free to ask when applying if you have any inquiries.
[Restaurant (10% discount)]
We serve many local dishes using Date's Pure Red Pork, Izunuma Ham, sausage and vegetables. They consist of traditional foods which have been passed down in the Izunuma area and original dishes using various local ingredients. The restaurant's name "Kunperu" means fellows in German. We named it as a place for families and friends to gather and feel at home. You can also buy our foods at the nearby farm stand. Izunuma club members get a nice bonus.
[Farm stand]
There are many seasonal vegetables and fruit, rice, flowers, crafts, Date's Pure Red Pork, Izunuma Ham and sausage gift-sets. From fresh vegetables to tasty meat, we offer a variety of wonderful local goods.



Izunuma Farms (Izunuma Foods)
149-7 Aza-Maenuma, Nitta, Hasamatyou, Tomeshi, Miyagi 989-4601

15 minutes by car from Tsukidate IC of Tohoku freeway
5 minutes by foot from Nitta station of JR Tohoku main line
15 minutes by car from Kurikomakogen station of Tohoku shinkansen


Admission fee Free
Working days and hours Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:30
Closings Sunday and public holidays (from Dec 31st to Jan 3rd)
Visitor capacity 50
Time required for a tour 1 hour
Language Japanese only
Reservation Required
Please e-mail or fax in Japanese.
Other conditions Interpretation must be arranged by the visitor.


Tel: 81-220-28-2986
E-mail: info@izunuma.co.jp