Why Japan

5 Reasons to Invest in Japan

Japan, one of the world's major economic powers, has been recently stepping up efforts to create innovations and improve its investment environment for foreign companies. Here are five reasons, along with supporting data, why you should invest in Japan.

WHY JAPAN? "5 Reasons to Invest in JAPAN"

  1. Reason 1 World's third largest economy

  2. Reason 2 Open as an innovation hub

  3. Reason 3 Excellent business environment

  4. Reason 4 Stable infrastructure

  5. Reason 5 Livable society

JETRO, in cooperation with local governments and related entities, provides useful information for selecting investment destinations by prefecture and city. Find information on each region’s target industries, various incentives offered by local governments offer, and more.

Successful Cases of Investing in Japan

Success Stories are based on interviews conducted with foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies that have successfully come into the Japanese market. They introduce the reasons for the companies’ expansion to Japan, the challenges and solutions in their advancement, and their future business development plans in Japan.

Find out about foreign-affiliated companies that have entered the Japanese market with JETRO's support.

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