Hokkaido Asahi brewery

Hokkaido Asahi Brewery started brewing 48years ago, which is the only one of the major breweries in Sapporo.
Please see on yourself making a great taste beer and enjoy drinking Asahi Super Dry freshly brewed here! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.



Hokkaido Asahi brewery (Asahi breweris, Ltd. )
1-1Nango-dori 4 Minami, Shiroishiku,Sapporo City,Hokkaido 003-0022 Japan

Access To-zai line(subway)
From Shiroishi station (To-zai line) Exit6 7min on foot
From Nangou7tyo-me(To-zai line) Exit2 7min on foot


Admission fee Free of charge
Working days and hours Everyday between9:30and15:00. The tour starts every 30 minutes.
Closings End of year and New year's holidays and designated holidays
Visitor capacity 2 to 35
Time required for a tour 75min (10-minute video > 40-minute tour > 20-minute beer tasting)
Language Japanese, English
Reservation Required
telephone or website
Other conditions *Over 10 people, we provide a English tour guide. For less than 10 people, please be reminded that a tour will be with in Japanese with other Japanese people.
*On Saturdays, Sundays and the national holidays, the production line is closed. We will show you how the production line works through a video program on the monitor display.
*Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by law. Visitors who plan to drive cars, bikes or bicycles, pregnant or nursing women and anyone under the age of 20 may not drink beer at the post-tour tasting session. Soft-drinks will be provided for these visitors.


Tel: 011-863-3515