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Collaboration with JASSO to Publish Pamphlets for highly-skilled Professionals Overseas ”Study and Work in Japan”

Dec 01, 2020

JETRO, in cooperation with the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), has published "Study and Work in Japan" for talented people abroad who are interested in studying or working in Japan. This is one activity under "JETRO’s Platform for Promotion of Active Participation by Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals."

This pamphlet is edited in a concise manner so that non-Japanese interested in studying at a Japanese university or working for a Japanese company can access the information they need. In the future, we will distribute this pamphlet to potential human resources around the world through the projects of both organizations.

JETRO has been acting as the secretariat for "JETRO’s Platform for Promotion of Active Participation by Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals" since 2018 to support highly-skilled professionals by assisting their job search and fulfillment of their roles in Japan. JASSO also provides support to foreign human resources who wish to study in Japan and foreign students currently studying in Japan.

While traveling to Japan continues to be restricted due to the effects of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) contagion, both JETRO and JASSO are working hard to disseminate information so that promising foreign professionals abroad can deepen their knowledge regarding Japan and continue to collect relevant information.

Client Support Global Talent Acquisition and Development Division, JETRO